Pricing Information
Jewish New Year Cards
by ArtScroll, Indelible Ink and Jansson

Prices in US$


25 50 75 100 add'l 25s
Price Group          
A $187.00 $212.50 $233.75 $255.00 $63.75
B 110.62 123.25 136.00 148.75 38.25
C 100.30 110.50 120.70 135.15 32.30
D 85.00 93.50 102.00 110.50 26.35
E 76.50 85.00 93.50 102.00 24.65
12.75 25.50 38.25 51.00 12.75
25.50 38.25 51.00 68.00 14.45
8.50 17.00 25.50 34.00 8.50

Ordering Information

Printing Process: Thermography or flat printed.  Each card will indicate the printing process.

Customization of Cards: Where indicated, you may substitute the verse shown on the card for a standard interchangeable sentiment.  at no extra charge.  Custom Verses (using your own wording or formatting) will add $50 to the order total.

Ink Color: Included in the price of your card is the text being printed in the ink color as shown on the sample. 

Typestyles: Typestyles will be as shown on the samples or as shown on the standard sentiment chosen.

Return Address: Envelopes can be imprinted with your return address.  Ink color will match that of the card selected and will be printed using FLAT ink (if using a white or ecru envelope).  If you choose a colored envelope with your card, your return address will be printed using BLACK ink.  See above table for pricing. 

Envelopes:  Cards come with standard white (or another color if indicated) envelopes.  Colored envelopes are extra (unless indicated otherwise).   See above table for pricing. 

Envelope Linings: Available in Matte Gold, Red, Aqua, or Yellow.  See above table for pricing (some cards come with envelope linings included in the price; card description will indicate as such).  Click here to view choices.

Hebrew Verses:  If your card is shown with a Hebrew verse you can choose to keep it or remove it.  You many choose to add an additional Hebrew verse to any card.  If you want to add a Hebrew verse, Click Here to see Hebrew verses that can be added.  It will typically be added at the top of the verse on the card, unless indicated otherwise.

Proofs are available via email for $15.00.   Proofs are black & white and will show you exactly how your card is typeset prior to printing.

Shipping Charges: Shipping charges will be applied to all orders.  Approximately $13.50 for ground shipping.  For expedited shipping methods, please contact us.

Sales Tax: Orders shipped to NY addresses will have local NY sales tax applied to the total

Estimated Delivery:  Most orders are ready to ship from the printer in NY within 2-4 working days (envelope linings may take one additional day). 

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