Custom Self-Inking Stamps

by Three Designing Women

SALE - Prices are 20% OFF Retail
Three Designing Women - Custom Self-Inking Stamp #CS-3673
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Custom Self-Inking Stamps
by Three Designing Women

SALE - Prices are 20% OFF Retail

Customized self-inking stamper. Text formatting is only as shown. The words "THIS BOOK BELONGS TO" at the top are standard & cannot be changed. You supply all other text.

This is a Changeables™ Stamp which means that you can use 1 stamper body with many different stamp designs (the "rubber" piece mounted to a plastic clip that makes the stamp impression). If this is the first time you are buying a Three Designing Women stamper, buy the full unit (stamper body, stamp design, black ink). If you already have a Changeables™ stamper body, then you can buy the stamp design only. Note: This stamper uses a water-based ink. Therefore, light ink colors will not show up on dark paper.

1 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Estimated Delivery Time
1-3 working days for production plus ship time from TX

Full Unit (stamper body & stamp design) - $50.00 $39.99
Replacement Stamp Design Only (no stamper body) - $35.00 $28.00
SALE - Prices are 20% OFF Retail
Product Details

Only as shown

Ink Color
Full Stampers come with an easily removable and interchangeable black ink pad. You may purchase additional ink pads in a variety of colors for an additional fee. stamp designs do not come with an ink pad and while your current ink pad in your stamper body will eventually conform to your new address, you may want to consider getting a new ink pad to have a crisp imprint from day one.
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All stamper text will be formatted as shown on the sample above (e.g., all UPPER CASE, all lowercase, Mixed Case) regardless of the way you type the text below.

If you want any bullet points between sections of your text, please use the asterisk sign (*) and note in the comments section that you want to use bullet points.
What are you ordering?
SALE - Prices are 20% OFF Retail
NOTE: If you are ordering a Stamp Design only, it can ONLY be used with a square "Changeables" Three Designing Women stamp body (i.e., if your stamp body is not square in shape and/or does not say "Shiny" on the underside, then you will need a new Full Unit). The TDW Stamp Design is NOT interchangeable with other stamp brands. Also, when ordering a new Stamp Design, we recommend purchasing a new ink pad to allow for more even ink coverage of the new plate. If you are unsure about what to order, please contact us.
Optional CD with Stamper Image
The stamper design would come on a CD with instructions on
how to download it for email auto signature, letterhead, etc.

Lines of Text
Additional Optional Ink Colors
Full Stamper Units come with Black Ink Pad
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PLEASE NOTE: These ink pads will ONLY fit TDW stamper devices that say "Shiny" on the underside
Optional Gift Tags to go with Stamper
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Each set contains 6 gift tags
Optional Stationery to go with Stamper
(click to view different choices)
10 cards/env per set
H: 4 1/4" x W: 5 1/2"
Optional Proof
(will add 1-3 days in production time)
Optional Gift Card
Shipping Method
NOTE: if ordering more than one product from Three Designing Women and you want expedited shipping, you only need to choose expedited shipping on one of the products and they will all ship together
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